Are Criminal Charges Threatening Your Future?

Hire a sexual assault attorney in Phoenix, AZ

You need a robust criminal defense when you're facing sex crime charges. Arrange for a consultation with a sexual assault attorney in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Law Offices of John S Cossum works with clients who have been charged with sex crimes, such as:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual misconduct with a minor
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor

Attorney Cossum will review the details of your case to build the strongest defense possible. Call his office in Phoenix, AZ today if you need to consult a sex crimes attorney.

Facing felony charges? Know what to expect.

Many sex charges are felony offenses. You should know the consequences of a felony conviction before you start building your case. If you're convicted of a felony sex crime, you could:

  • Spend time in prison
  • Lose your civil rights, such as your right to vote or bear arms
  • Find it difficult to gain employment or secure housing

Get in touch with the Law Offices of John S Cossum if you've been charged with any felony crime, including sex crimes. Attorney Cossum will go above and beyond during your case to achieve the best possible results. Call 602-553-1175 to talk to a sexual assault attorney in Phoenix, AZ.