Minor Actions Can Violate Your Parole

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If you're on parole, you have a lot of rules to follow. It only takes one mistake to violate your parole. If you violate your parole, the Law Offices of John S Cossum will advocate for your rights. Attorney John Cossum will stand by your side in court and work with you to build a strong defense. He has been practicing criminal law for nearly 40 years. You'll feel comfortable working with him directly on your case.

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Standard parole requirements

Depending on the crime, parole requirements can vary. However, some of the most common conditions for parole include...

  • Routine drug and alcohol tests
  • Anger management coursework
  • A sobriety program, such as AA

If you don't cooperate with the conditions of your parole, you could end up in jail. Meet with an attorney about your charges today.