A Medicare Fraud Conviction Could Ruin Your Career

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Being convicted of Medicare fraud can carry all kinds of consequences, ranging from fines to the loss of your medical license. There's no reason to leave your future to chance. You can turn to the Law Offices of John S Cossum for effective legal representation when you've been accused of fraud.

Attorney Cossum has decades of legal experience in and out of the courtroom and can help protect your rights throughout your case. He'll make a strong argument for your defense so you can fight for the best possible outcome. Discuss your situation with attorney Cossum now by calling 602-553-1175.

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Medicare deals with a significant amount of taxpayer money and fraud allegations are taken very seriously. No matter what you've been accused of, attorney Cossum can help. He'll work with you on cases involving accusations of...

  • Phantom billing, involving billing for treatments that were never performed
  • Falsification of patient records, especially as it relates to unnecessary treatments
  • Separating bills for treatments that could have been bundled or double billing
  • Exaggerating treatments to bill for a more expensive service than the patient received

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