Don't Face Bank Fraud Charges on Your Own

An experienced bank fraud attorney can protect your rights

Bank fraud can involve very serious charges that can have a lasting impact on your life. If you've been accused of fraud, don't wait to team up with a skilled bank fraud attorney. You can work with the Law Offices of John S Cossum to build a strong defense.

There are many different types of bank fraud charges. Attorney Cossum has decades of legal experience and can provide you with legal assistance for your unique situation. Call 602-553-1175 to speak with a dedicated attorney.

What is considered bank fraud?

From crimes committed by individuals to fraud on a corporate level, bank fraud involves a wide variety of cases. Attorney Cossum accepts all kinds of bank fraud cases and can help you if you've been accused of...

  • Check theft, such as stealing a check from another person's mailbox
  • Payment fraud, including unauthorized transactions and fraudulent merchandise returns
  • Direct deposit fraud, involving the use of fake bank accounts for theft
  • Counterfeiting, forgery or identity theft

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